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We don’t just make furniture; we make it comfortably fitting to your lifestyle and to the needs of what suit you best. Furniture manufacturing is a lot like a work of art – it is near impossible to achieve the best without going forth and exploring creativity, pursuing innovation and adapting to change within the markets and the minds of customers’ expectations.

AV Furniture Group Sdn Bhd, commonly shortened as AV Furniture Group, is a well-established manufacturer and designer of high quality furniture located in Port Klang, Malaysia. The complexity of the furniture industry today makes it crucially important for us to stay ahead of the competition. We do that by ensuring that our products are of the utmost quality, impeccable design and comfortably assuring to suit the lifestyles of many.

AV Furniture Group’s head office started in 1997 out of Australia and having accumulated a wealth of experiences spanning over 20 years, made its way to the shores of Port Klang. We are situated in one of the most geographical and productive route in the country, with a state-of-the-art manufacturing and warehouse facility and a 12,000 square feet R&D center.


With our very own R&D Centre, we are able to produce and manufacture a wide range of furniture catering to the many needs of our customers who all have discerning taste and the need to being comfortably happy with their choices.

Concept Production
AV Furniture Group is a company consisting of research and development, in-house design and factory production for overseas and local markets using various kinds of raw materials. We provide 3D drawings to all major projects to allow the customer to have better understanding of the concept before production.


Furniture is also a reflection of one’s personality. That’s why creating and manufacturing stylish furniture is our utmost priority. The AV Furniture Group thrives on creating stylish world-class furnishings and consistently demonstrates the power of innovation now and into the future. Here at AV Furniture Group, we specialize in manufacturing products from:

Common household furniture
We love turning houses into homes with comfortably cozy and style suiting furniture for various households with many varied taste. From sofas, to table and chairs to home furnishings- it makes coming home a look forward to experience.

Full fit-outs of restaurants
We make dining experiences not just about the food that people eat at the restaurants, but through a cozy and comfortable ambience so that they enjoy a fulfilling experience, through a wide selection of tables, chairs and restaurant furniture to complement.

Corporate offices
Offices are the places where productivity and inspiration to achieve great things are created and that are why the furniture that we adorn it with needs to complement that feeling.

High rise development
Mixed developments often come with many discerning styles and fittings and we cater to each and every need of such developments, Understanding the needs of contemporary, modern, chic and sophistication; it rises to meet our customers’ expectations.